Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review

Series of Samsung Galaxy Note is identical to when the phablet first released, but then designed right into a collection phablet and tablets, along with the most exclusive feature is the existence of the S Pen stylus that its use is growing. Called the Galaxy Observe 10.1 in 2014. That is definitely Note PC tablets, shortly after the introduction of outstanding 2012 Anticipated ten.1, Samsung launched its successor,. At the time that the tablet will be the most important of the whole range of Samsung PC tablets, the evidence is incredibly Ga’har functions, you identify:

that has a quality of 2560 × 1600 pixels, Huge Different LCD is ins using a
White Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Exynos chipset five Octa major.Very little architecture (Cortex A15 quad-core one.nine GHz, 1.3 GHz quad-key Cortex A7)

3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, micro SD port

Android OS four.three Jelly bean

Main 8MP digicam with autofocus and LED flash, 2MP digicam for

8220mAh Lithium Polymer battery electric

With Ga’har spec, 2014 Note also given seabreg UX functions this kind of as design and style Journal, Multiple Windows, the S Notice has been made much more, Oxygen Control, Action Memo, scrapbook, and Pen Window. Judging by the spec Gahar and seabreg functions provided ten.1 Be aware how the functionality in 2014? Would it be worth the price of Rp. 7999.000?


Impression Style and Components

Samsung’s design and style is derived gadget from your past as usual. If your design and style is often used to provide a foundation for the Galaxy S collection, which now seems to be the starting point for many long-term Samsung gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy Note three, if the Proof, Notice 2014 10.1 with a plastic-have type protection with ending given that back the pores and skin (leather-based – like) extended with highlight stitching (stabbing) over the edge. With white color, a plasticlike material body that has a touch of steel like surround this pill. Inside the entrance does not seem much different from discs ten.1 in 2013, although this tablet was the time and very little light for each ten inch tablet dimensions.

Characteristic of PC tablets Samsung is South Korean suppliers retain the house flanked by capacitive buttons for menu and back. When making use of the pill capacitive buttons could be affected by the palms frequently, especially with the use of the pill in the above situation, even if it is very useful. Having a narrower bezel than previous Observe ten.1, Be Aware 2014 is manufactured? ? much slimmer, still ergonomic impact on the bit reduced fee, if the screen is frequently exposed to weapons as you use this pill. Despite the fact that the use of an existing protected accents this kind of as leather, high quality to feel even less now achieved when using Anticipated ten.1 2014, especially compared to the Apple inc iPad. Yet it does not seem like a dilemma for most of us, the general use of the tablet remains quite ergonomic, so regular design Samsung sufficient priority to the interests of consumers, with a shape that the hands grip practicing.


Notice the Galaxy 10.1 in 2014 is currently the best Android pill when closed. A mix of elegant and bejibun spec feature is responding to. In addition, the strength of the S and S Pen Note the always different. Within the current design improvements over the previous model, even though the advance is minimalist, but at least from the measurement of this pill is much lighter and more compact than the average Android tablet with a 10 inch screen.


Display 2560 × 1600 pixels

3GB memory

The ability of the S – S Pen and notifications extra full

High quality stereo speaker

nice camera

mini SD port

Can call and sms


Down sides:

Screen Pentile matrix display

General state of affairs is not as smooth as expected

Capacitive switch sometimes slightly disturbing, often inadvertently treated

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