LG G2 Review – Full Phone Specifications

LG G2 Review – Full Phone Specifications
LG G2 Review – Full Phone Specifications

LG G2 Review – Full Phone Specifications

LG G2 is an advanced smartphone with a 5.2inch Full HD screen. With the presence of this product, LG seemed to confirm their existence remain competitive in the global smartphone market. New LG smartphone is designed based on the results of research that examined the habits of smartphone usage. LG G2 is equipped with a screen of 0.1 inch bezel, allowing users to operate the phone with one hand. In addition, the presence of 13 MP camera and Quad Core processor further contributes to the attraction of this smartphone.

lg white g2 price and specs
LG G2 Smartphone

Particularly interesting from the LG G2?

dual Core
LG G2 is equipped with Quad Core processor speed and the 2.26 GHz 2 GB of RAM. This makes this smartphone running maximum performance and can be counted on to get the latest games and watch videos play in full HD without any delay.

IPS screen HAD provide clarity mengagumbkan. 5.2inch 1080p Resolution of 423 pixels per inch offers enhanced graphics and sharp text, which makes the image clearer.

13 MP Camera
Powered by resolution of 13 MP camera and lens equipped with a scratch-resistant glass crystal sapphier, the user images with high quality, detail and sharp shooting. There are also extra multi point autofocus and a dual-axis optical image stabilization that can help make a great image and Full HD 1080p video.

Battery SiO +
LG G2 is powered by 3000 mAh battery SiO + which can support the design of this phone looks sleek with an ergonomic shape. Battery life is quite good, and thanks to the technology of its Silicon Oxide Plus, the battery of the phone can be efficiently controlled.

rear button
LG G2 is the first smartphone design that does not include a button on the side. Instead, there is a special button on the back of the body that functions to different menus.

QSlide Function
An excellent feature is the LG G2 QSlide function. This feature gives users the freedom to two applications open simultaneously on a single screen. The user can send a message while watching videos or open a Web browser, and the size of the transparency window s can also be customized.

characterized knockon
This phone offers knockon function that acts as a substitute for on / off button. Only two strokes on the screen, this phone can be moved to standby and vice versa. From the active

set aside
Slide Aside easier for users to move three open applications quickly by sliding and tapping the screen. You can easily and quickly from the menu or message to the web browser to the previous application.

clip Tray
Clip Tray is one of the features that can be advantaged users often add in an email. A photo or a specific file This feature allows the user to easily attach a photo or information in emails.

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Quick Remote
Working with LG G2 built-in transmitter, it can apply to operate the TV, Audio system, Blu ray, DVD, set-top boxes, or AC directly from the phone. Infrared remote devices that can be controlled via the LG G2.

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Operating system this phone is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

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