LG G Flex Review

LG G Flex Review
LG G Flex Review

LG G Flex Review

Once just a delusion recognize technical improvements increasingly that it was. In October last year, two to the South Korean distributors, Samsung and LG, respectively, launched a number of curved display screen cellular. We got a chance to get acquainted with the LG G Flex (SC – D598) an assessment, a Google Android mobile phone four.two.2 sizing 6 in. curved cruise that brings the latest specification of the track kitchen, call 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 2GB RAM and 13MP digicam. exotic curved system, though of course not only the track kitchen characteristic of the smartphone have been. Not only exotic, and adaptable human body, thus compressing life might be much better than mobile devices in general. Intrigued with the mobile phone is unique in the overall yield of high quality Indonesian who quickly moved to this?

LG G Flex Pics

Impression design and materials

with a sixinch display associated with the G Flex, this smartphone is enough to invite, because the whole body is actually excellent. the focus of Moreover, a curved shape, then get ready you will be. Center of attention Yahoo experienced revealed the main at any time Samsung Galaxy Nexus curved whole body (non-screen), although the curvature of the G Flex is more noticeable when compared with the total Nexus.Secara LG G Flex has a shape related to the LG G2, a incredibly realistic thing. Bezel or frame on the bottom side and G2 are definitely not cut it, but that does not suggest making it look fat phablet. Although there are no metal against this type G2, yet it delivers top quality shade and much more memorable than G2 because it offered a touch of the brush using a pattern that is definitely extra presentable again.

when no SIM ejector, LG G Flex features a unibody design and style, again going on can not be started, so the battery is just not in the left side detachable automatic, credit card and SIM slot, is often called a simulator emitter, basic safety pin or needle. LG also inherit one of a kind Flex G2 to G, the lock and volume buttons located on the back again. When you first use it you might be confused, but after a long time you will be comfortable even common experience of the use of the key. The lock switch also serves as a marker alert LEDs, Brought lights while a more compact alert is also present at the front, in the prime of the screen. Mini USB 2. slot and music connection to the LG G Flex is just not close.

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