How Web Design is different from the Web Development

how web design is different from web development 300x182
how web design is different from web development 300x182

Two basic tasks are involved when building a web site: First is the design of the web pages itself, which is called Web Design. Second is the method which involves linkage of the pages designed in the first step and forward pages according to user requests and the data received by the user. Over here I am going to give you clear understanding that how web design is different from the Web Development.


First task, Web site design, as name specifies it involves designing the site pages. Here comes into the existence the person who designs it, a Web designer. The designer here deals mainly with the HTML code. This language is basic or primary language used to build web pages. The responsibility of the web site designer is to design a layout for each page of the site. Before beginning the design process, its responsibility of designer to be aware of what the pages will contain which could be images, banners, content or ads…etc, the designer will look at the layout of the page. Thus, the designer acts as a coordinator for the elements of the page.

Web designers are those who transform an idea, or a story into visually appealing design and uses their layout to build the user experience throughout the whole website. They are responsible forv designing the website’s look and feel.  As for an example before building your house, an architect create plan prior to it, similarly a web designer would model the layout of your website before a web developer can start developing it.

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The second task of building web site is the Server side programming development, which is simply called as Web Development. Once the designer completed the web pages design, it is the role of the Web developer to develop the program that link between these pages. Web developers turn the designs into a live or dynamic website using web languages and software tools to develop the design and functionality of a website. Web developers are further categorised into two sub-categories:
Front-end developers and back-end developers. A front-end developer is the one who builds the interface and provides the structural layout as the interaction between the back-end of the website and the user. Front end developers while developing make use of three main languages: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Javascript(JS) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) helping them to create a full fledged website. Back-end developers are those who control the server data and requests. If a website is containing dynamic data it requires back-end services which means if a user is supposed to submit a form with personal data(such as creating an account) it would need a database connection making use of server languages such as PHP or ASP.NET, and writing database queries by using languages such as SQL or MySQL.

I believe that you now know the difference between the roles of web developers and web designers and clearly understand that both have essential roles and the web would not exist without one or the other.

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