Acer Liquid Z3 Review – Full Phone Specifications

Acer Liquid Z3 Review – Full Phone Specifications
Acer Liquid Z3 Review – Full Phone Specifications

Acer Liquid Z3 Review – Full Phone Specifications

Acer has long been known as one of the PC (personal computer) is successful. However, it does not seem to make the Acer complacent. Taiwanese vendors who participated in enliven the smartphone market in the world, and ready to compete with other major suppliers. Acer has its superior products prepared for a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from upper middle class or even the beginners. As for the entry-level class, Acer has made ​​one of their products called liquid Z3.

Overview of the Acer Liquid Z3
Acer Liquid Z3 Wallpaper

Acer Liquid Z3 is equipped with a 3.5 inch screen wrapped in white plastic casing. This little smart phone feels to be understood. Light and fit In addition, Android 4.2 OS based phone Jelly Bean offers a variety of interesting features for its customers. What is it? Check out his review below ..

Tiny design

Liquid Z3 has a weight of 120 grams, so it is very easy to assemble. A pocket Dimension is also quite small, which is 109 x 60 x 10.4 mm. Acer also be equipped with convenient flip cover to protect. The small screen this phone Flip Cover is fused to the back. Rear casing of this phone is also easily be removed and replaced, allowing the user a microSD card and two microSIM can be inserted with ease.

This smartphone is powered by the technologically capacitive TFT screen resolution HVGA 320 x 480 pixels, 165 ppi. Although the screen is not too big, but the screen can work. Both inside and outside the room It allows the user to adjust the light level on the screen according to automatic or manual mode.

reliable performance

Liquid Z3 powered by a dual core 1.0 GHz, 512 MB ​​RAM, microSD card slot up to 32 GB capacity and up to 4GB of storage. The mobile graphics cards using Mali 400MP, good enough to run the graphics. With the presence of these specifications, this phone can be a wide range of applications available on Google Play devour. Z3 Battery fluid support is 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which makes it durable for up to two days (a state of active data network).

benchmark test

Obtained when testing using apps AnTuTu benchmark score Acer Liquid is a 9317 Z3. This score is very good, making this device the position right under the HTC X and the Samsung Galaxy S2. On the other hand, different results are shown by Quadrant Advance, put this Acer mobile position above the Samsung Nexus S and HTC Desire HD with a score of 2481.

Some minor problems

However, based on some user experiences, had experienced a delay when playing games like Fruit Ninja game., Some of them In addition, the load of a bit too long. Nevertheless, for the affairs of the sound, the sound produced is clear and loud, either through headphones or speakers.


Although not equipped with a front camera, rear camera Liquid Z3 is very reliable. 3.15 MP camera without flash that exist on this device is very satisfactory, especially for the lower class users or beginners. The resulting image is quite good.


Liquid Z3 has an attractive face of the screen. This phone offers a wide selection of themes and wallpapers are cool. Users can also adjust the zoom itself as well as to minimize the number. Widgets or the launcher This device also has a Quick Mode function, which allows the user to be able to adapt to the screen that is going to use it. In this mode, there is a choice of 5 display profile, the default mode, Classic Mode, Basic Mode, Keypad mode and Senior Fashion. For example, the basic function can only perform user with the function of a text and call to find out if the gallery. As Senior Mode allows to quickly call contacts, access to messages, weather, radio and applications do.


Considering this phone is made for the entry-level class, the price is very affordable. In the market, the Acer Liquid Z3 priced at about $ 120 USD


As an entry-level phones, Acer Liquid Z3 is reliable and worth considering. Despite some flaws, but this little berbodi phone can be a good option for users with a limited budget.

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